3 Great Lessons To Learn From Toyota

Toyota is known for its highly efficient cars. It is the top car maker in the world today. In many ways, Toyota is a replica of the positive image of their home country, Japan. Japanese people are widely considered to be disciplined and a dedicated group of people. These two inspiring qualities are an official part of Toyota manufacturing. ‘The Toyota Way’, the guiding philosophy of the company focuses on two important things: continuous improvement, and respect for people. This is why Toyota produces great lessons to learn for all businesses.

#1 Person closest to the problem is the authority. 

So, how does this lesson work in practice for the giant manufacturer? If a lineman working on a Toyota Camry sees a problem, they have the authority to stop the line and address the issue immediately. This is a very important lesson not just for large organisations but for small startups as well.

Often employees find themselves with a sword hanging over their shoulders. No doubt, there should be accountability for their actions, however, to face consequences; they must have the authority to solve and address a problem in the first place.

#2 Employees must value the process as their own well-being. 

It is a recently studied fact that most employees quit jobs due to bad bosses. This is a very important point. At a startup, one can spend months training new employees. These employees directly serve customers or build great products for the company. If the internal culture of organisations does not value people, it would naturally reflect in the attitudes of employees towards their customers. Hence, businesses need to value their human resources and cherish them. At the end of the day, as many classic Psychology experiments show, people are as good as the environment around them allows them to be.

# 3 Efficient and detailed processing is essential

We as human beings are naturally selfish. It is reflected in our behavior as children when we fight and compete with others for toys, toffees, etc. on the other hand, we are perhaps equally capable of cooperating and building great things together. In order for organisations to build and deliver great services, clear objectives and detailed planning is essential. Such planning and a clear vision make people work together in harmony to achieve great things in the long run.

So, what do you think? Do you have great lessons for startups? Please share your vision of doing things through comments below.

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