3 Great Start-Ups To Watch Out For In 2017

Startups are creating exciting prospects and a cause of hope all over the world. Individuals are battling for innovation and ideas that promise to change the world. Some countries like Sweden have laid out an amazing groundwork for their citizen and local businesses to succeed. On the other hand, India is still in the process of building platforms for the future. However, the Government of India recently launched an initiative to specifically support start-ups in the country. If you are a startup owner in India, check out the startup hub India. It is a platform for Entrepreneurs to connect with other Entrepreneurs, Advisers, Consultants, Mentors, Guides, Angel Investors, Incubators, etc. Additionally, if you are just looking for some inspiration, keep an eye on the following five startups in 2017.


Faircent is a Peer-to-Peer lending marketplace. The platform verifies all its users and promises to deliver access to a large pool of secure borrowers and lenders to everyone. Founded by Rajat Gandhi & Vinay Mathews in 2014, the startup used to see the volume of 15-20 lakhs per month initially. However, after the digitization push in 2016, currently, it boasts of 1.5 Crore of financial activity per month. This app seems full of promising future as the concept just seems to click with the raw gut instincts, unlike many others. After all, do we not first seek trusted ones and people like us to lend and borrow? On the other hand, would we not like to remove the awkwardness that comes with borrowing money in somewhat distant personal relationships like friends? Similarly, due to global platforms, one is likely to get the best interest rates, unlike a situation where one chooses from his small community. This concept seems to resonate on many levels with the ideal idea of what lending and borrowing should be and promises to achieve that with a solid support of innovative technology.

ID Foods

What do you think about ordering Packaged ready-to-cook idli/dosa batter, chapatis every day? The concept may not sit well with everyone but would probably hold merit for many. A lot of married working women are being pushed to the limit every day. They are taking on a dual role of earning as well as the traditional role of being housewives at the same time. This is likely to hamper the individual in question as well as the quality of food. To their relief, foodies can order complicated – time-consuming, items like batter for idli and chapattis with ease. It would help families eat healthy food as well as keep up with modern times without the enormous efforts every day.  The startup launched in Bangalore in 2006, has already expanded to 14 cities in India. The business is expected to cross 200 crore revenues in 2017. The company was started by P C Musthafa in 2006 with the help of his cousins. 


Healthifyme is a Lifestyle tracking app platform Founded by Tushar Vashisht, Mathew Cherian & Sachin Shenoy. The app has garnered over a million downloads since its launch in 2012. The company has registered phenomenal growth of 25% per month with 5% paying premium user base. The platform raised over 7 million in funding in 2016, backed by 5500 rupees a year average user revenue.  The app helps users identify the calories of over 10,000 Indian dishes and offers 1000 suitable exercises. It also offers paid services from fitness experts and nutritionists. It has already been featured as one of the best apps on Play store recently and is likely to continue its upward journey in the future.

So here was our collection of three unique start-ups in India. Can you suggest some startups that are worthy of making the list? Feel free to share your suggestions through comments!

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