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Inspiring offices for aspiring people.

EFC is all about fully functional offices available on flexible leases with all the possible business support services and amenities including security and 24/7 access to cabins. Our work-spaces are designed to create the ambiance you need to be creative and innovative.

02 Why Choose Us
02 Why Choose Us

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Our Amenities

We offer a range of amenities to help you maintain a professional image such as round the clock security to business concierge and cafeteria services at a convenient monthly fee.

Private Office

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Conference Room

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A Hospitality Inspired Serviced Office Space.

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03 Services We Offer

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What We Offer

Your needs change as your business grows and we make sure our products are aligned to your growth. So choose for the range of our ever evolving offerings.

05 Our Benefits

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Reasons to choose EFC

EFC offices spaces are bespoke and designed to fit your needs. All you need to do is select a layout and configuration of the workstations and you are ready to start. Explore the options today!

1. Flexible

2. Affordable

3. Convinient

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