A Must Have Journal And Experience For Business Leaders

Abby Falik, a startup founder of the Global Citizen Year recommends business leaders to keep a journal handy every day. Abby Falik runs a startup to help youngsters find their true destiny through a gap year program. Her startup requires immense collaboration with employees. The core part of being appealing to their client requires the founders and employees to understand their clients on a real level.

Through her extensive experience, Abby has learned innovative ways to engage her employees. The main one being  writing about her leadership style, challenges, lessons learnt and advice for employees through – sharing her personal journal with employees.

Does that sound like one of those wacky new age ideas that will fade away with time? Well if you believe that, you would have to convince Abby as well as her entire leadership team. Her employees have found the habit to be so fruitful that they have made it their own for good.

So, what about this practice that specially appeals to Abby and her employees? “I sat with questions like: Which activities give me energy, and which deplete me? What are my unique abilities, and how do I maximize the time I spend expressing them? What do people misunderstand about me, and why?”, Abby said.

These are important questions for all leaders to ponder over. Leaders have certainly earned a position of authority over others through their self-carved path in life. This could be their industrious nature, independent thinking abilities and their rare insights in life. Such experiences can be difficult to convey through regular lectures and talks. Through organized talks, they could also lose their spontaneity and fail to inspire others completely.

Leaders like founders may also find it difficult to relate to employees on a real level. Many employees wish to see their leaders as flawless authority figures. While it helps to be a glowing spark in a dark room, it may take away more than leaders may enjoy. For example, leaders lose out on the chance to be just seen as they are: the messy co-workers that require growth and a little nudge every day to walk the long mile alone.

Hence, in order to bring their team on board and explain their seemingly stubborn positions, journals are a path made in heaven. Personal journals offer many things that are essential for great teams to grow. Journals offer personal touch, real bonding experience, rare professional insights and the effectiveness which is worth its weight in gold.

So are you ready to turn on the writer in you? Let us know your views on sharing a journal with your colleagues through comments.

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