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At EFC we are a cluster of like- minded people passionate about business and with insatiable desire to discover new ways of doing things. We seek challenges because challenges push us to think out of the box and be more innovative.

Entrepreneurial Facilitation Centre is our response to the increasing demand for smart tech- savvy work spaces which cater to the needs of individual entrepreneurs as well as large enterprises. This is in sync with the global trend of co working to reduce startup cost, enjoy greater flexibility, connect to like-minded people and create more networking opportunities.

At EFC, we have aligned ourselves to this global trend of collaborative business bays and believe future of work is collective, connected spaces powered by cutting edge technology.

Naturally, our service offices come with HVAC, housekeeping, electricity, and security systems and our Business Centers are equipped to be virtual offices with latest equipment and also support conferences and meetings.

We offer a range of solutions which are hassle free, pocket friendly and flexible so that you enjoy the luxury of well-appointed office space in the best locations in the city.

You can find Entrepreneurship Facilitation Centers in Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Delhi &Hyderabad with more in the offing.

Our Vision

To create the most beautiful, functional and affordable work spaces in best of locations, with tools and services to help achieve all your business goals.

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