How effectively an office space work for you!!

Maharashtra has one of the most stable economies in India, making it an ideal location for businesses to set up office space. For the past years, the state has seen uninterrupted economic growth. With its diversified, services-based economy forecast to have average annual real GDP growth of approx 3.0% between last few years, it is a safe bet for businesses hoping to expand into the country in the near future.

For any business or start-up companies, “OFFICE” is the basic requirement for the beginning of your growth story. While setting-up an office requires many expenses and a lot of things to be organized such as capex cost   which includes refundable deposit, furniture & fixtures, installation of electrical fittings and office interior. Monthly opex charges which includes rent, CAM charges, AMCs, , salary of support staff(like admin, housekeeping, security etc.), electricity, Internet charges and other variable charges.

Therefore business centers or renting an office is the best option instead of buying an office with above mentioned expenses.  In EFC business center we are committed to deliver an ideal office in an affordable price.

Benefits of Business Centers:

  • We cover the whole market: We operate worldwide, with local experts available in all major cities
  • We find your dream space: We listen closely to your needs and search the whole market to find the perfect work-space for your business
  • We negotiate your best deal: Through our extensive experience and industry relationships, we can negotiate the best price on your behalf

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