We love the thrill of creating a successful business venture and want other businesses to touch the skies as well. Thus ISBD- Indian Startup Business Dialogues was born. Through ISBD we help young talents of India, constitute a successful and money making business. The one of a kind platform assembles first generation entrepreneurs and budding startups to interrelate and help one another.
Our aim is to unite the elite talent of different sectors and provide them an open platform to talk about their brilliant ideas. We invite various like-minded people to come together and discuss their stories of success and failures. Helping each other with their experience, we share our strengths and learn from each other’s mistakes.
The shared pool of knowledge ultimately inspires out of the box thinking, helps in overcoming hurdles and ushers growth. Most importantly, it encourages the entrepreneurial spirit in the beginners and infant ventures.

The main objective behind ISBD –

    • To gather the entrepreneurs of the country on a single platform.
    • To initiate a confederation of entrepreneurs and starts up.
    • To create an environment that encourages creativity.
    • To learn from each other’s success and failures.
    • To boost the spirit of entrepreneurship in the country.
    • To give the new ventures the push they need.
    • To be a part of other similar national and international conferences.
    • To outline critical steps for building new generation businesses.

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