The Must-Have Workplace Features to Take Your Startup to the Next Level

Are you a startup? Do you have a bunch of full-time workers as well as freelancers and part-timers? Do you want your startupto really take off? Well, in that case, you need a workplace that is inspiring. That is if you want to foster a creative and conducive working atmosphere for your employees. Most will agree that a great work culture improves productivity, but fail to understand how the office and its features go a long way in fostering that culture. You can achieve that by implementing some simple, modern, and effective workplace features.

  1. Good infrastructure

The infrastructure is at the core of any workplace, as people perform most of their daily tasks on them. Employees are often unhappy because they have slow computers that keep crashing, making them spend more time on each task than what is actually required. So, make sure that your tech equipment such as computers, printers, etc. are well set-up and in great condition. This is especially a must for a tech startup.  Make sure that the computers are fast, the software on them is updated and other electronic devices like hard drives and printers are in good shape and ready to be used. This will allow your employees to work at their maximum capacity without creating any stoppages in the flow of work.

  1. Reliable and fast Internet with a full range of Wi-Fi

Nowadays, fast Internet is indispensable. Not only should the Internet be fast but also it should, more importantly, be reliable. You don’t want to upset any potential or existing clients by missing deadlines because of Internet issues. A factor related to the Internet speed is the Wi-Fi connection. Make sure your entire office set-up has at least a couple of Wi-Fi connections, one for everyday use and the other for emergency situations. It’s always better to choose Wi-Fi over individual LAN connections because it allows people to move around, share their ideas, and work from any area of the office. In this age of hi-tech digital media, Wi-Fi allows people to access and send emails, discuss and work on presentations, and use social media platforms from any area of the office. This leads to better coordination between the team members and a better workflow, thus fostering a great work culture.

  1. Modern and flexible office set-up

Flexible environments have become very popular in recent times, especially with startups. From the employee point of view, having an open space without designated desk-seating or traditional cubicles allows for a social and collaborative environment. Employees from different teams get the opportunity to interact with each other and exchange ideas. They could potentially sit next to a new member every few days if they wished to. Employees cement stronger relationships with their wider teams and are less likely to find themselves in a monotonous routine.Businesses would also benefit financially because of the reduced furniture and cubicles.

  1. Comfortable contemporary seating

A fundamental aspect of contemporary office furniture is that it expertly combines comfort with functionality. Your employees spend most of their in the day in the office, so providing the best environment in which to work will go a long way in ensuring greater employee satisfaction. Poor working environments increase employee absenteeism and will cost your startup a lot of money. All too often, organizations underestimate the importance of office furniture and select ordinary, uncomfortable, and unimaginative furnishings. This not only adversely affect the employee health but could also send out negative messages to your potential clients and future employees.In the end, selecting the right and modern office furniture will reflect your startup’s true brand values and practices.

  1. Taking advantage of technology

Technology can help automate routine tasks and improve efficiencies. For eg., the right tools and solution provide accurate analytics for functions like expense reports and keep track of your receipts and invoices. Communication is critical to increasing productivity and foster collaboration. This is another area where technology will prove a gamechanger.

  1. Creative space and rejuvenation lounge

Working in a startup can be really tense due to a lot of responsibilities, complying with deadlines, and added work pressure. Thus, it is vital for the employees to take a break from time to time. Your employees need time, and a space to recharge their batteries. These breakout areas also double up asspaces for driving creative inspiration. A lounge area with a comfortable couch, resting chairs, or even thinking pods, with maybe a pool or table tennis table to go along with could work wonders for your startup.

Sometimes startups feel that a lounge area would adversely affect the business because of additional breaks and slackness on part of the employees. As it happens, statistics say that the reverse is true.Companies with a lounge area have better productivity because of employee creativity and job satisfaction.

  1. Well set-up Conference Room

The conference room is a very important part of your startup’s set-up. All your important meetings will be held in this room. So, a well-equipped conference room, with a long conference table, projector and ergonomic chairs will speak volumesfor your brand and impress your clients.

  1. Reliable and secure backup system

We live in an age where data has become very essential, so much so that data loss can cost a company heavily. So, it’s best if you have a reliable data backup system in case of any electricity or data mishaps. Another important aspect regarding data is its security. Make sure you have a secure system that will protect you against any kind of data breach.

Your startup journey is a hard one – your employees need all the support they can get. In that quest, the workplace you provide them and the features the workplace incorporates could be just the inspiration your employees need to drive your startup forward!

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